Welcome to NFCC Tennis

At Niagara Falls Country Club, we aim to give you more opportunities to play and improve your tennis game (and your health), plus meet new friends while having a lot of fun. Tennis is a great family sport that takes little time but has a lot of advantages.  If you are looking for something that combines fun and fitness, look no further than the club tennis courts.

It's never too late to learn or to try tennis again.  Some of our programs and events will be a little less competitive and more fun - a great way for you to get started.  With other activities, we will make sure you are paired with players of similar abilities.  Our club activities can be enjoyed by teams, doubles partners and friendly rivals of all abilities and ages.

We are also very excited about our instructional programs.  If your tennis skills need to be revitalized, or if you have some new goals, we can help.  It’s a great way to get a workout – guaranteed.  At the end of the day, tennis really is the sport for a lifetime!